Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Couldn't Help But Be Moved

After a long day of meetings, a groundbreaking ceremony, and transitioning into new responsibilities in the day job, I finally was able to sit down and watch the funeral services for Coretta Scott King on C-Span late at night.

I couldn't help but be moved. And cry. And reflect. And I'm sure many of you already watched it, but if you didn't, I think Keith Boykin summed it up really well on his site... and I'm sure many of you have read that already.

If you don't know me, I do get deeply moved by inspirational people, messages, and speeches. Yesterday, I felt deeply inspired by all that Mrs. King did in public and private as shared by her friends and family members.

And I always wonder, after hearing and experiencing such words: Am I doing enough? Am I using my life for the betterment of humanity? Both literally and philosophically.

Of course today, the news folks are saying that people like Rev. Joe Lowry, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Jimmy Carter politicized the funeral. But in my opinion, they simply spoke on the social justice and peace issues that Mrs. King dedicated her life to. And... does Bill Clinton still have the respect and admiration... and know how to connect with... the black community or what?

I couldn't help but be moved.


Phoenix said...

"Will words become deeds to meet needs?" - Joe Lowery

And yeah, Bill Clinton worked that crowd like a rock star.

ProfessorGQ said...

I was deeply moved too! Did you check out my post?