Saturday, April 09, 2005

Writing Groups

Spent the afternoon at Zona Rosa in Pasadena with a new writers group that I'm joining. Ibarionex Perello (the man who took my website and book cover photos), Reyna Grande (who has a novel coming out next year -- can't remember the name, but will tell you later), Jervey Tervalon (the legend, the greatest teacher), and myself. I missed these days of being part of a group, sharing the drafts of our work in progress, and getting/sharing feedback.

If you're a writer with aspirations of being published... or even if you're published, there are a lot of benefits to being part of a group that you trust and can count on for support. Writing is such a solitary task. Your computer and the voices in your head are your best friend. Getting into the world and trusting your work to the process of getting feedback is eye-opening.

Anyway, we're all busy people. But Ibarionex, Reyna, Jervey, and I will be meeting about once a month to critique, share, and enjoy each others' company. I'm excited and looking forward to the process. Sounds like we've all got some cool things coming out very soon.

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t said...

Good luck with your writing goals. we're blog neighbors, and i noticed "zona rosa" in your post because i live in Pasadena. cool, eh?