Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gossip Challenge Follow Up

Last week... on the young, colored, and restless... I told you all about the Gossip Challege program I did while an R.A. in college and that I was planning to revisit the challenge on my first few days at the conference in Nashville.

It was hard. And it wasn't hard.

What wasn't hard was travelling on the "official" day I chose not to partake of trivial, negative, rumor-spreading. No one around I knew on the plane. It was easy. Didn't even buy my typical share of tabloids and other celebrity magazines to make my flight go by quickly. Took the book, "Playing With Boys" by
AVR, which got me plenty of stares while on the plane and while waiting to get on. Whatever. I'm loving the book, by the way.

Thankfully, I arrived at the Opryland Hotel just before midnight and my boys -- Matt, Kenrick, Scott, and Joe -- were ready to paint Nashville... a nice shade of brown. Over a couple drinks, and Nashville's best trance music, M,K,S,J and other colleagues around the country filled me in on their and our conference buddies' lives. All throughout, I steered conversations back to the person talking to me and what they were up to. Talked about myself too.

Then, I realized after the fact. I'm not a gossiper, not an active one. Yeah, I may listen to other people share their stories about themselves or other people -- and boy, did I hear some doozies! I'm like the confidante of everybody. But I realize, none of it is important. None of it. All that matters is that how I live my life and how the person I'm interacting with lives his/hers. And I realize I don't have to share one bit of naughty information someone shares with me about another person.

Anyway, enough about gossip challenges. Time to immerse myself into the fictional lives of the characters in Playing With Boys... this book is a doozie!

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