Wednesday, April 13, 2005

L.A. Stories

So I posted an entry yesterday about L.A. based novels that don't fall into the stereotypical image of L.A. I posted a link and kinda hinted that you could recommend books to that site for their reading list.

Well, I just wanted you to know it wasn't just for recommending my novel. But for other L.A. stories as well. I went over to the site and sent these recommendations:

Playing With Boys by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez
Understand This by Jervey Tervalon
Sugar Skull and The Jasmine Trade by Denise Hamilton
At This Moment by Trent Jackson
Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
Every Night is Ladies' Night by Michael Jaime Becerra
Inner City Blues by Paula Woods

Any other L.A. stories you'd recommend?


C. Max said...

Thanks for the recommendations! We've got quite a list going now...

Desiree said...

Good, good I see Alisa's book first. I'm a sucia, I have to look out for my Queen Sucia you know!