Sunday, April 24, 2005

Book Fest

L.A. Festival of Books was really cool. Volunteered and worked one session. Something on science fiction. Not my normal genre of literature. Interesting fans. Interesting comments. Not a very culturally diverse crowd or panel. But I guess every genre has its target demographic. Hmmm...

Ran into lots of good friends and new friends.

Horacio N. Roque Ramirez, a cool academic from
UC Santa Barbara, who was really excited about my book and said it fits with his courses and academic research. He does a lot of work on media representation, LGBT Chicana/os and Latina/os, and images. I met him at an academic talk he did last fall in L.A. and was like: I wanna be smart like you, Horacio. So in awe. I hope his students appreciate him.

Brenda Martinez, this really cool independently published author. Her book is called
Toe-Dancing in Frenzied Circles: True Tales of Anytown, USA. What makes Brenda stand out is that she's not afraid to hustle. With her bright purple hat, book stand hitched around her shoulders and chest, she's out there working her book. Gotta admire a hard worker like that. I first met her at the West Hollywood Book Fair in 2004.

My friend Gerlie Collado, who I knew from my
University of San Francisco days. Ran into her out of nowhere.

I passed out close to 1,000 postcards for Down For Whatever. People seem interested and eagerly awaiting my literary debut. That's cool. Hope it translates to sales come July 5.

Happy Sunday. Off to a baby shower... a first for me!

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Centerfold said...

So I was there this past Saturday and asked you about the responsibility you feel or dont feel. Appreciated your answer. When I get a couple extra bucks I will check you out. Wish I had the dedication and time it takes to write as you have, but until I receive that devine nature nad inspiration you go 'head and represent boi!