Thursday, April 21, 2005

Anwar, Applewhites and the Abbotts

So sorry to see Anwar gone from American Idol. He's great. Will go far in his career, I'm sure. Anwar was one of my original favorites... now it's Carrie, Vonzell, and Bo. Who knows Anwar and can set up an interview with me? Research... novel, ya know?

So first we heard
Alfre Woodard is joining Desperate Housewives. Here's the guy who'll play her son... well I'll just link up to Brotha2Brotha for this one. I hear this is going to be one "interesting" family. The Applewhite Family, supposedly. And I hear mom is totally obsessed with her son NOT leaving the house. Hmmm...

Been so behind on other important events... like what's happening with the Abbotts and Newmans and Winters families on Young and the Restless. About six episodes behind. Can anyone fill me in? It's my favorite... and here's a link to a past entry with a link to some of the show's classic catfights and confrontations o'the day.

Happy Thursday... until later.

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Rod said...

If Mehcad were living with me, I wouldn't want him to leave the house either. But, that's just me.