Thursday, April 28, 2005

They Read in Alabama?

OK. Maybe that's a mean thing to say about Alabama.

Real mean. I know they read there. They have to. Well, enough to read and write legislation keeping black folks "in their place" for many years... and now, they wanna keep gay folks "in their place" too. Or at least writers. And books with gay characters.

OK, Alabamans (or fans, or those with distant cousins, err, spouses from the state, or those with grandparents still living there...) Give us 10 reasons why Alabama is misunderstood. Because some of us artists, progressive types, and those living in the 2005s don't get it.
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Karsh said...

I'd lak ta giv' ya tin reezons, but they ain't neva tought me ta count past ma left hand.

Damn Alabama publik skools.