Monday, April 04, 2005

Firsts... from Nashville

Greetings from Nashville, where all food is fried and all meals include meat. Lots of meat. My goodness. Anyway, having a great time. Having a lot of firsts.

Met Dwayne from Brothers United, a great community organization in Nashville.

Almost ready for a presentation I'm supposed to do Tuesday morning. A first -- I'm usually on top of these things, but having too much fun reuniting with old friends and professional colleagues. ACPA is a conference of 24-hour icebreakers and learning and fun.

Another first. Ate fried pickles. Yes, fried pickles. Ate pulled pork. Yes, pulled pork. Ate some kind of beef that was kinda good. Only hit the gym once, my first day. That's a first. You all know I'm always talking about my gym adventures.

Ok. One more first. This is my confession, as Usher would say. I've got a conference crush. This is a first. They say conference crushes are not productive, not real, and you're only seeing each other at your best. Uugghhh. But I'm crushed.

Hmmm... Could I relocate to East Coast? For one year? For someone several years younger? Am I stupid or what? It's the stuff novels are made of. Hmmm... but this might be real. No, conferences are fantasy land. Someone tell me... crush is moving back to L.A. after finishing grad school at (North)East Coast State in 2006. Uugghhh.

That would be a first to remember.

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Rod said...

I'm glad to hear that the conference is going well.

But you've never had pulled pork? Okay, you've been in LA too long. Which of the Grosse Pointes did you grow up in? :p