Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hodge Podge for $800

Today's entry is a mix and match of several topics... some original, some borrowed.

What goes on in the mind of writers? Paperback Writer has some thoughts on the subject.

Who's linking to your website or blog? You might try this site.

What do you call it when two men go out, and they're not gay? A man date.

Want to win a free book? Read on for details.

Looking for a cool, and free, counter for your website or blog? Try this.

Want some fun (not mindless gossip as I mentioned earlier, sorry Heiress!) stories to start conversations tonight? Sit closer and read this (Conversations About Famous People) or this (Page SixSixSix, though it has a billion readers and sometimes goes down) or this (The Heiress Diaries, with an interesting Lakers player story 4/16/05).

Or wanna shop from the comfort of your computer desk, or at least fantasize about what you'd like to wear when you get some funds? Try eluxury or bluefly.

Happy surfing :-)


Holiday N said...

I'm so not your friend for calling my posts mindless..just kidding.I like being the candy on the blog food pyramid.

Karsh said...

Bluefly...lover, mother, mistress. *sigh*

Perez Hilton said...

Sometimes it's hard to stay uP!