Saturday, April 30, 2005

Spring Cleaning

I bought a desk last week. A real cool, slick, modern L-shaped desk. Thought it would be perfect to set up in my room. It's sitting, in two-parts, in the living room. The elephant in the room that visitors see, but don't comment on.

Problem is... sometimes I can be a pack rat. Tons of old drafts of novels and short stories. In folders. In Kinkos boxes. One 300-page draft on top of another on top of another. Sitting in the corner where I planned to put the desk.

So today was/is spring cleaning day. Destroying manuscript drafts. Tearing up old bills, too. Re-arranging the room to fit the new desk.

I needed a break. Came to the computer in the dining room. This is where I've usually done my writing. Not always the most convenient. With visitors. TV. Stereo. Books. I needed a desk in my room. By Sunday it'll be there. I hope.

Just gotta finish cleaning up. You know how a room gets messy before it's better? That's me. Messy. The storm before the calm.

All for a desk. Hmmm...


Shawn said...

I thought I was going to add a post to my blog this morning. However, my mind started to wander and the next thing I know I'm looking around blogspot for God knows what. All the clicking and reading lead me here.

Just wanted to say I love the webdesign of the official site for your book.

Congrats on your book release!

Danyel said...

Oh yeah. I can relate to the whole packrat thing. I have little mountains of stuff all over ...