Thursday, April 21, 2005

Say Something... I'm So Jealous

So by now, most of us have purchased or heard the new Mariah and the new Faith Evans. Cool, awesome, dandy, fabulous.

Why can't I get #5 on Mariah "Say Something" and #7 on Faith "Jealous" out my head? They're my morning drive-to-work songs. They're singing to me all day. I'm bopping down the hall telling people, "If it's worth your while then say something good to me..."

OK. So we're literary and a little pop culturey (maybe not a real word, but ya get it???) in L.A. Who says you can't be both? :-)

hey, hey, hey... hey, hey

1 comment:

Trent Jackson said...

I love the 80's beat on Say Somethin... "I'm over here lookin' at you..."

But faith kills it on her hook...

Every now and then
I might check your caller i-d
just to see who's callin' other than me

Every other girl
I know does the same thing too
(I dont know that last line...)

but its hot