Monday, April 25, 2005

Taylor Forrester is Back

I was in the grocery store today. A long line. Glancing at the magazine racks. Oprah looks fab for the 5th anniversary issue of O. Several mags are offering their summer diet tips. They sell hardback novels in stores these days. Hmmm... Then I saw Soap Opera Digest and saw the most amazing news!!!

Taylor Hayes Forrester is coming back to The Bold and The Beautiful. Now you already know I'm a fan of Young and the Restless. I used to watch B&B faithfully... until Taylor "died" a couple years ago. Now... not so much.

OK. So it's not as moving as say... troops coming back from Iraq. Or gas prices going down. Or figuring out who will be voted off American Idol this week. But still... it's news!!!

Taylor is/was played by Hunter Tylo. Formerly of All My Children and Days of our Lives. Two times formerly of The Bold and The Beautiful. Who once sued, and won, a lawsuit for being wrongfully terminated from a prime-time soap because she was pregnant (and the producers felt her appearance would change and not allow her to be sexy in her role). She went on to get pregnant again soon after... didn't tell anyone she was pregnant... and while like seven months pregnant, and on the witness stand, revealed her pregnancy to the shocked courtroom. No one knew she was pregnant... even at seven months or so. Anyway... she won $5 million in the suit and the case helped pave the way for the industry to look at looks and pregnancy discrimination. Gloria Allred was her attorney.

The character of Taylor Hayes Forrester is/was a landmark character for daytime television. The actress, Hunter Tylo, wanted to portray a wholesome, family-oriented character who did all she could to keep her family together, who had morals, values, and integrity. A good character who suffered, yet did good, for all around her, she maintained her dignity in the face of insurmountable odds. Her character "died" about two years ago while protecting her arch enemy, Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Forrester, from a bullet from a crazed Sheila Carter.

Now, Taylor is coming back. And I imagine many long-time viewers will return too, once the character returns.

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TheBlacks said...

Oprah isn't playing on the cover on "O," magazine this month -- She looks WONDERFUL.