Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Nashville Wrap Up

Conference crushes should definitely be left at the conference.

Heading back to L.A. Enough fried pickles, smoke in bars, and southern hospitality to last me a while.

Another Nashville highlight... the Fisk University Jubilee Choir singers. Excellent. And the closing event at Play nightclub in Nashville. Coretta Scott Queen and Wild Cherry Sucret brought the house down... yes, Coretta Scott Queen, the drag alias for a colleague from another university. One of those fun shows. ACPA does it best! (And yes, they say the REAL Coretta Scott knows about the drag alias and finds it very cute... CSK is an ally of all people, as she says her husband MLK would be too... I digress).

Anyway, conference crush is heading back to East Coast. I'm back to West Coast. Back to reality. I'm too silly. Too E - True Hollywood Story.

A long, LONG day in airports and planes.

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