Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wanna Try Some Deep Fried Cheesecake?

I record just about every episode of Paula Deen on The Food Network. Didn't know anything about her until about a year ago, when my mom and sister went on vacation and ate at her restaurant, The Lady and Sons. They raved about the food and atmosphere.

But the other day, I just saw the ultimate sinfully good recipe that I gotta try: Deep Fried Cheesecake.

And the Fried Collard Green Wontons looked kinda hot too.

Will have to get in the kitchen this weekend and maybe dust off the deep fryer. I don't eat like this everyday, so this will be quite a treat... even though it IS the season of Lent. Hmmm....

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D.LavarJames said...

OMG! Paula Deen is my Girl! I'm always trying out recipes from her. Fried cheesecake huh, never did that one, might have to check it out myself.

Whenever I get down to Savannah to visit my aunt, I'm def gonna have to check out her restaurant