Monday, February 18, 2008

Comfy Monday Off

Hope you had a great weekend... and if you're celebrating the 3-day weekend, with today off, even better! Love these 3-day weekends.

Flying up to the Bay Area today to do a talk at the Delphine Intercultural Center at Saint Mary's College of California this evening. If you or someone you know is in the area, stop by. Give a call for specific campus location and time.

Met up with some friends last night. Was a fun night, but got a little heated... the Clintons versus the Obamas, ya know? All good. We compromised... what about a 16-year plan? 8 for one; 8 for the other to follow. Someone will make a great VP this time around. lol.

Anyway, here's some old school lovin' for ya... Comfort of a Man by Stephanie Mills; and Comforter by Shai (dang, I had a major crush on like all of Shai, lol)

Happy Monday!

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