Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cherish The Love Day

Whether you look at today as a Love Day or a Single Awareness Day, it's all good, because you/we're alive to see another day... and hopefully in good spirits and health.

So the day wouldn't be complete with showing some love to Toni Morrison and her novel Love. I loved it, no pun intended. There was some intense love and rivalry going on. But I just loved the way she puts together sentences, thoughts, words.

Yesterday, in addition to the Promising Series panel, I was asked to guest lecture in a class on Relationships and Communication. Imagine me, an expert, having had my Erica Kane share of fun and relationships. But it was fun and insightful. Cool students.

Some fun Valentine's Day confessions on the Post a Secret blog.

Another love note... don't drink and text. I admit, I'm guilty of this to the third degree. But... if you're looking for some new flirty text material, check out this site Let's Have Txt .

And what would the day be without some Sade. A video. A cd. Sade puts everyone in a mood, right?

Hope you have some safe Text, Sex, Fun with an Ex, Alone Time with your Religious Sect today!

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the last noel said...

I loved LOVE. I know Paradise got a lot of attention, but it was LOVE that deserved it.