Friday, February 22, 2008

The Unusual Suspects

I heard about this theatre company, The Unusual Suspects, the other day while listening to my favorite public radio station in L.A., KPCC 89.3.

It's a theatre company formed to help formerly incarcerated youth to transition into something productive once they are out the system. In addition to helping the youth themselves, the program only does productions that promote personal pride, social justice, and community building.

It's L.A. based. Sure there is something similar in your community.

The whole topic of incarcerated youth reminds me of a great novel by Kalisha Buckhannon, Upstate. It's the story of two young people trying to keep their love alive while one is in prison, the other is not.

Kalisha has a second novel that just came out, Conception. It's gotten great reviews like her first novel.

Hope you get a chance to give your support. Happy Friday!

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