Friday, February 08, 2008

Jewel Diamond Taylor

"Desperation is a terrible perfume to wear" -- Jewel Diamond Taylor

Jewel Diamond Taylor is a Southern California jewel, whose motivational speeches, retreats, and empowerment sessions have gotten rave reviews and jam-packed audiences. Check out her website: Do Not Give Up.

I've know her for almost six years, and have brought her to events for my day-job, as a keynote speaker and leadership development facilitator for students. They all love her. And her programs receive very high audience evaluations. She ALWAYS gets standing ovations. She's that kind of speaker.

The thing about Jewel Diamond Taylor I like is that she keeps it real and keeps it professional at the same time.

And she also follows the advice she gives to her audiences. Her life story is an example. Prior to stepping out on faith to run her own speaker bureau, she worked in the aerospace engineering industry, but knew that wasn't her calling... despite what friends and family expected of her. (You know the drill: Girl, why you giving up a full-time job with benefits to go TALK to people?)

Ever since leaving her day-job, she's never looked back. And has enjoyed a fruitful and bountiful career doing what she enjoys most.

If you're in a position to book keynote speakers, I would add Jewel Diamond Taylor to the top of the list. She's positive, empowering, and a role model that our young people can look up to.

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mytruth said...

If we all could be a dream chaser like her. Well, I should say have the bold and courage she has.