Friday, February 15, 2008

In The News

I don't know if it's made news in your part of the country.

But this week, there was a high school shooting just north of the L.A. area, that resulted in a young man's death... and the shooter, a juvenile as well, being charged as an adult... and with a hate crime. Story here from L.A. Times.

They say it may be related to sexual orientation... the guy who died may have been bullied by the shooter and the shooter's friends due to his perceived sexual orientation.

Sad how children can be one way at home. And then another way once they leave the house.

When I once had to coordinate conduct cases at a university, it was amazing how much parents were in denial about, or would defend, their college-age children's conduct and behavior. I would keep the poker face, and think, "Your child is an amazing actor."

Anyway, sad situation up in Oxnard. Both shooter and victim are minors. I'm sure both families are extremely sad about the circumstances they are enduring.

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