Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Talk Like You Grew Up With A Father

We had an interesting lunch conversation at work today. Talked about what it feels/felt like to be raised by only a mother, and no father in the house.

I didn't have that experience, and shared that I didn't. But that I could somehow sense from those who didn't grow up with a father that it left a great void or longing in their life. I gathered that from past conversation with students who'd been raised without a father, for whatever reason, that there were some intense emotions around that situation.

One person at the table said to me they could tell I grew up with a father in the house. Said that I talked and said things like someone who grew up with a father.

Couldn't come up with any specifics... but someone else commented the same. That people who grew up with a mom and dad have a certain way of speaking, being, approaching situations.

It was news to me. But have you heard of, or thought of, such a thing?

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D-Place said...

Never heard that before. Would be intersting to find out what the thought the difference was.