Monday, June 23, 2008

People Who Don't Read

This is one of my faves... Family, by J. California Cooper. Moved me to tears... and cheers.

I'm always amazed when I run into people who don't read. Not that they can't. But they just don't.

The other day, I had some people over. In my living room is a huge book case with hundreds of books. Most of them I'd read at some point in my life.

One of the guests observed the books on the case, asked if I'd read any of them, and when I said most of them, he just about lost it. Thought it was soooooo amazing. To me, it's not a big deal, but then again it is... because each of those books represents a story that resonated with me, or a different time period of my life.

What I liked about him is that he was a non-reader who wasn't judgmental about reading. He was just in awe that I knew so much about different books. And then he lost it when I said I write, too. That's another story.

But then I've met some non-readers who are extremely judgmental about reading. The call it boring, nerdy, not exciting, etc... And of course I take that personally, because then I assume they're saying it about readers... and me. Maybe it isn't about me.

I am a life-long reader. Started out with the whole Dr. Seuss collection as a toddler. Bought those books in elementary school -- the whole order catalogue, getting parents' permission to buy, taking the money to the teacher. And I always read for pleasure, even when in undergrad and grad school.

When I meet someone who's a reader, I think this person is: patient, reflective, curious, open to new ideas and adventures, and able to be still and entertain him or herself. I never think boring or nerdy.

Still... it surprises me when I meet someone who's not into reading. But then it's exciting when I get an email from someone who says they'd never read a book before until a friend turned them on to me.

When they ask for a recommendation on what to read next, then I'm even more excited.

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Muze said...

lifelong reader here, as well. soon to be a published author like yourself.

i agree @ there being a certain fulfilment hearing someone speak upon a book i recommended.