Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Kissed A Friend... And I Liked It

So I've had this platonic friend for about two years.

We actually met with the possibility of more-than-friends, but we went nowhere fast down that road. Which is cool. We talk a couple times a month, MySpace message each other once in a while, all that. Occassionally, I'll see him out on one of his rare appearances at a club or bar. Real casual. Cool friend.

But last night something was different. We were passing each other, each walking in our own direction to another end of the club, and we stopped, smiled, did the friendly gay hug, cheek-to-cheek thing, and then kissed. I mean KISSED. I was surprised. I think he was surprised. We stopped and kept walking our separate ways.

We have texted about it this morning. About how fun and surprising (and good) it was.

Is that weird?

Um, so this fits in to one of my favorite songs right now, I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. Well, because I kissed a friend and I liked it.

And it also fits in with one of my favorite podcasts, Savage Love Podcast, and this episode talking about when do you finally break down and make the jump from friend to dating or dating to commitment. Episode 71. Lots of good and blunt advice on Savage Love.

Anyway, hope your weekend if off to a good start. Kiss a friend... start a good summer storyline for yourself.


Unknown said...

Wow, who is this friend and does this person have a name? And you didn't take a picture of it in your iphone? LOL Have a great summer!

Tayari Jones said...

What about "Seven Days" by Mary J!