Friday, June 20, 2008

There Is Only One Mrs. Chancellor

And tonight, her portrayer, Jeanne Cooper won an Emmy (finally) for Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

That's Katherine Chancellor from The Young and The Restless.

Whether she's playing drunk and signing divorce papers... determined to beat Jill (her life-long enemy who turned out to be her daughter), or fighting with Jill over Phillip, Mrs. Chancellor is and has always been the bombay of Y&R.

I remember when growing up, how my sister and her friends would talk about how Mrs. Chancellor always kept her hair flawlessly cut, kept those manicured long nails, and stayed dripping in diamonds while lounging in that living room (and using that one long nail to open the curtains and peek out at her grounds and the grave of her husband, Phillip).

You all know I'm a huge daytime drama fan. And I'm super happy Young and Restless is back on track to how it used to be (with the slow building stories that lead to a huge payoff months or years down the road).

And I'm super happy that Mrs. Chancellor has her Emmy. After nine nominations! And she has a MySpace too.

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