Thursday, June 05, 2008

Echoes of the Past

So a lot of weird/happy things happening.

First, I am extremely happy to see that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. Though I am/was/still am a Hillary Clinton supporter, and voter, I will fall in line like everyone else will. But I do think an Obama/Clinton ticket is the way to bring all of their voters and constituents together. The best of the past with the brightness of the future. My opinion. We'll see how it plays out.

But politics aside, I was thinking about my dad, who passed away two years ago, and ALL of our collective relatives and ancestors who've passed on... who probably shouted a great big "HALLELULAH" up above on Tuesday night... If you're a believer, I reveled in the idea of a huge black ancestor's party in heaven.

So, speaking of my father. Yeah, I was thinking about my dad this week. Of my whole collection of pictures and images, HIS kept popping up in my screen saver. All that jazz.

So this is when it gets weird. I have a new colleage who knows NOTHING about me or my family. But yesterday, she asked me if anyone close to me had died recently, because she'd been getting energy/messages from someone trying to communicate with me. I asked her what messages. And she said the person was trying to tell me to slow down with work... and to take care of myself.

Now, you don't know me that well... but my father used to end all his conversations with me and my sister with "Take care of yourself."

It freaked me out. It made me happy. I mean, I'm not a believer or a dis-believer in the idea that people can receive messages from those who have passed on. I'm open-minded to the possibility that can happen, but wouldn't rely or seek out messages.

But when she shared that with me, it was a total echo of the past, and it gave me a good sense that the people who have passed on are watching over, caring about, and celebrating with us.

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