Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Best Friend and My Man

"I can tell you a lot about a best friend honey... when it comes down to your man, you ain't got no best friend." -- Denise LaSalle song, "It Be's That Way Sometime"

First, I've experienced no such drama... at least to my knowledge. And if something like this happened, I don't know if I'd want to know. But that's a whole 'nother story.

But in her new novel, My Best Friend and My Man, author Cydney Rax explores the dynamics between friends as their men. The novel comes out in just a few days.

This is Cydney's third novel, and another with a provocative title and subject matter. Her first, My Daughter's Boyfriend, looks at a delicate love triangle between a daughter, her boyfriend, and her mother. Her second, My Husband's Girlfriend, explores "arrangements" couples make when things just aren't like they used to be, but they still want to be together.

If you don't know Cydney's work, you should. She maintains one of the top websites about black/African American authors, Book Remarks. And she's a fellow Detroiter, though now she's a Houston resident. But we still keep our love for the Pistons, through thick and thin, unlike some city's where the fans are kinda... fLAKER-ish, lol.

Oh, so anyway, back to the subject matter. Pick up a copy of My Best Friend and My Man.

And in the meantime, have you experienced a situation with your best friend and your man? Or how about your best friend's man? Did you tell? Were you told? Did you discover? How did it all go down?

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