Sunday, June 08, 2008

Accidentally on Purpose

There's something about one-night stands... that initial chemistry, the for-the-moment pleasure, the awkward but necessary goodbye. Aaah, memories.

In her new memoir, Accidentally on Purpose: A One-Night Stand, My Unplanned Pregnancy, and Loving The Best Mistake I Ever Made, Mary Pols examines a one-night-stand that resulted in an accidental pregnancy.

But it's not just about the accidential pregnancy. It's about being an independent, career-minded person. It's about not planning to be a parent. It's about dealing with aging and declining parents, while also enjoying new motherhood.

Sounds really interesting... and I feel like I saw a documentary recently on a similar -- if not the same -- topic. Hmmm... I'll figure it out.

I had a good friend in grad school who had a few one-night stands on one of our spring break trips, and she ended up pregnant by a stranger and keeping the baby. And one of my young relatives recently got a stranger pregnant on a spring break trip, and ended up staying with the kids and mom. The latter is now a crazy situation that the family is dealing with.

Anyway, we've all had them... or know someone who does. So it's only fitting that someone would make the topic a central theme of a memoir.

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