Friday, August 26, 2005

Whatever. Friday. Cool.

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I say "Whatever" so much, but pronounced what-eeev-urrrrr, that I sound like the true L.A. Valley Boy that I am. Ewww. Derrick and Maurice tease me about it. It's my word. I guess. Don't know when, where, or how it started. My old phrase used to be, "and stuff like that." Hmmm.

Anyway, had an event last night. And an eventful night. Ivan is putting together what will be another successful production -- Lyfe, Starring "You" -- a night of spoken word, song, stories, and performances at Jewel's Catch One. The Catch, for you East Coast guys who haven't visited L.A. yet. It's SUPPOSED to be an early evening/after work kind of thing, people, so next time get there at 8 pm, then go get your party on elsewhere. Anyway, fun night. Ran into some old friends and new ones.

Meantime, over at The Abbey, Daniel my assistant, Maurice, and assorted company were awaiting for my arrival. THEIR party started at like 5 pm. I joined at 7:30, left, and re-joined at like midnight. Funny thing. When you're not drinking, and everyone else is, you feel kinda left out or weird. I had fun... but to me, midnight is a little late to get started on the libations. And I never drink before a speaking or performing engagement. AND, in L.A., since bars close at 2 am... yes, 2 am, starting at midnight is a hankering for a lovely DUI degree... and I don't want one of those degrees. And since we're so freaking addicted to our cars in L.A... well, someone has to be the designated driver. Yet another reason to move to NYC... or hire a driver. Hmmm....

Anyway, the main topic of conversation... besides who we spotted, observed, and were feeling at The Abbey was my birthday. What are you doing for it? I'm like, "whatever."

I never plan birthday celebrations. I think I should. I mean, I get tons of invitations and people wanting to celebrate ME. Hmmm, that's kinda cool and weird to me, but hey. And I never commit. Then by the time the day has come... the day has gone... and I don't celebrate on the day. But maybe the next day. Or later in the week. Dude, but what's a guy to do when all your friends are in different worlds? The original roommate/SF/Tempo friends, who really know you the best. The book/writer friends, who are new and know your passions. The readers. The street credibility guys. The day-job colleagues. The new friends from/in East Coast. The crushes... maybe one in each group??? Won't reveal unless you reveal, lol. Anyway... my friendship worlds don't collide... and maybe it's time for a big celebration or get-together to merge all them together. Sometimes, I swear I'm freaking juggling too many groups. If they're one, we can CO-OOOR-DINATE together. Hmmm...

I'm rambling. I'm in a writing/sharing/confessing/wanting-my-book-to-be-on-Oprah kinda mood. Did you hear? She's planning a bunch of shows about gay folks. If you haven't read it, read Keith Boykin's column -- for the upcoming shows. Keith needs to be on Oprah with his book, for reals. Beyond The Down Low. Get it. And get Down For Whatever while you're at it, too.

So... hmmm... I think that's my Friday thoughts for now. Of course, I could have given commentary on Iraq, public schools, the quality of air in L.A., but whatever... decided to give a little more of me. The spontaneous me. The me who's not so guarded. I'm really not, Maurice.


Happy Friday!

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