Friday, August 26, 2005

Baby. We're Having A Baby. Divine Intervention.

Miracles do happen.

Got a call from one of my best friends from college. Let's call her Mel. She's married to Cav. They had a baby 8 years ago. He was a preemie, born at 6 months, and weighing just over a pound. Difficult pregnancy. The baby survived. And is a healthy, talkative, smart 8-year-old.

Over the years Mel and Cav tried for more, despite the health risks for her. No luck. A few fertility specialists saw no problems, but due to difficulty carrying one baby, didn't want to risk the drugs that would more than likely result in multiple babies at once. So, Mel and Cav decided... it is what it is. If something happens, great. If nothing happens, great. Nothing happened. Early 30s/late 30s match. Getting late for another child. So they decided to schedule a procedure for him. A vasectomy. For next week.

Mel just found out this week she's pregnant. Totally unexpected. And one week before they were ready to give up on children again. They're excited. I am too. They call it divine intervention. It really is.

Kinda good news for a Friday, huh? Now, I just gotta keep them in my prayers for a successful pregnancy through late March.

I'm excited.

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mytruth said...

congrads to them