Thursday, August 11, 2005

West Coast Boy + East Coast Friends =

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A phone bill that could be a mortgage payment in Detroit, rent in L.A.!
NYC, DC, ATL... L.A... one of these cities is not like the other one!
Geez. My parents would kill me. I should kill me.
I'm cool. I did it myself. I'll pay it myself. Geez.
That means I'll be sticking to a rigid L.A. diet in ATL next month...
bottled water and gum :-) that's a joke.
And now I'll be reading my plan a little more closely.
I didn't know you paid for calls you receive.
I didn't know nights started when it's dark, not just after work.
I didn't know talking with writers about writing life would be so house of extravaganza.
I'm laughing... all the way to the mailbox to send off my phone bill...
This is one confession for the day...

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Frank León Roberts said...

:O) (you know im gonna shoot you for posting that busted ass picture of me! but its all love anyway...O