Thursday, August 18, 2005

Two Weeks 'til Atlanta

Two weeks 'til Atlanta
Two weeks 'til Atlanta
I cain't wait to see my babay
Two weeks 'til Atlanta...


A country music lyric writer I'm not.
But I do kinda like that title for a short story or a novel.

Anyway, I'm heading to Atlanta in a couple weeks. For Labor Day weekend. For work. For fun. Work is always fun. Oskar, who you met a few entries below, is going with me to help out.

I'll be at Outwrite Books on Friday, September 2 at 7 pm.
Doing the Pride Literary Festival on Sunday, September 4 at 5 pm. (I am confirmed, along with a dozen or so other authors... my name just isn't up on the site yet!)

Tell all your boys and girls who've read the book to come support. Or send them to my blog or website so they can get on my e-list.

And while I have your attention, it's been a minute since I visited Atlanta (summer 1996, not for the Olympics, though). What are some must dos? Must sees? Must eats? I read someone's blog recently with some info, but can't remember whose it was... hmmm.

Got two weeks to figure it all out.


Anonymous said...

I'll send you a list of see, do, eat! via email.

I think it's the visitors to Atlanta Pride that makes it so special. I like getting to know people from other cities. I met this guy last year from Paris. His accent was beautiful.

This year I'm triple excited because I'm going to meet 3 awsome authors: Fred, Rashid and Trent!!

My boys of Atlanta Pride 2005!!

Kevin C

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said... have a "babay" in Atlanta?


fratman1906 said...

You have to eat at Glady Knight's Chicken and Waffles on Peachtree St. Email me as I plan to take someone you know real well there. You can join us if you like. Shem hotep.

Shelley Halima said...

Fred, don't get your belt out but I tagged you again, LOL.