Monday, August 15, 2005

It Pays To Read Mail On Time

I subscribe to this one magazine called Poets & Writers. It's kind of a cool thing to have when you're into the writing thing. Great how-to articles, stories about writers' personal experiences with various aspects of the writing life, and the best part... free money.

Well, not exactly free money... but the opportunity to find various programs and grants to which you can apply. Now, let me tell you... unless you're Miss McMillan or Mr. Dickey or Miss Collins or Mr. King... you need to find ways to supplement and enhance your income. Advances and royalties can only go so far. So Poets & Writers has a large section of opportunites writers can take advantage of, apply for, and hope for a chance of earning the honorarium.

Now, I've been on the road and doing "book stuff" for the past month and a half. Tonight decided to go through the pile of mail. Luckily the bills are on automatic pay, so no major worries there(except for that monstrosity of a cell phone bill I told you about the other day). But there were/are several deadlines for grants and contests I missed in the recent Poets & Writers, including two I told myself last year I would apply for. Darn it.

It pays to read mail on time. But I know more opportunities will arise.

Speaking of which, the deadline for PEN Center Emerging Voices is coming up September 9. Check out the PEN website for more information on this great program which nurtures a select number of up-and-coming writers in their careers for one year. Don't be late on this one. This program opens doors and creates very important connections for writers developing their career platform.

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