Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Halos. Horns. And Happy Trails.

One of my favorite CDs of late is Dolly Parton's Halos and Horns. The good and bad in us that we all try to come to grips with. Great stories on this one. Hmmm...

Well, this blog is winding down for a few days. At least five or six days without new entries... while I'm on the road. (Not taking my laptop and not sure of computer access)

So... Glance through some old entries here. Visit some of my friends listed on the left side of this page. Write some songs or poetry. Start on your book or short story. Get out from in front of the computer screen and enjoy the summer. It's going away quickly... very quickly. Call an old relative or teacher... just because. Look in the mirror, smile at yourself, and tell youself how beautiful/handsome you are. Check out the Kensington Books website... all books on the label are currently 30% off if you order from the site. Might find some cool summer reading... Or visit your local library and check out something for free!

And if you're in NYC, welcome me and Daniel with open arms. We're just two innocent L.A. boys looking to navigate the halos and horns of NYC.

Happy Trails!

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Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

The library?! Perish the thought! Libraries are for perverts and nerds.

Ha ha, just kidding! Enjoy your trip to NY!