Saturday, August 20, 2005

Natalie Cole. Unforgettable.

Got invited to see Natalie Cole on Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl.

Now, I liked Natalie Cole before. But tonight, after having the chance to see her perform live, I love her. Seeing someone perform and sing live is a rare treat these days. Such a great show... from the standards and jazz set that kicked off the first half (Unforgettable, The Very Thought of You)... to the 70s/80s R&B many of us know (Everlasting Love, Our Love)... to the encore gospel set.

Great show. Great night. And I was especially happy to experience the
Hollywood Bowl for the first time. It's so cool, having your picnic basket, wine, food at your space... and then the acoustics... just phenomenal. There are no bad seats in the house, now with the addition of flat screens around the perimeter of the space. And everyone is in such high spirits... friendly, fun, flirty. You're surrounded by hills/mountains. You see the beautiful stage, aglow in colored lights. So much atmosphere to try and capture for a potential story.

If you're ever in L.A. during the summer, you've gotta try and see a show... any show... at Hollywood Bowl.

It's unforgettable.

Photo is from the Natalie Cole CD "
Ask A Woman Who Knows."


Cherlyn Michaels said...

Oh you are soooo lucky!!! I love Natalie Cole too. Have fun and blog about it later! :-)

Oh, and...
"TAG, YOU'RE IT!" (Check my blog.)

BuddahDesmond said...

This is BuddahDesmond writing. I wanted to wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

So glad that you had the opportunity to see Natalie Cole perform live. I'm jealous. I haven't the opportunity to see her in concert yet. Maybe sometime in the near future. Natalie Cole truly is unforgettable. I've always loved her and her music. She's so elegant, classy, and graceful. Ask a Woman Who Knows is one of her best records.

Eric Claiborne said...

Cool FS. I bet that was a great concert. I've been missing Natalie since I've seen the eHarmony dating service commercials playing "...this will be an everlasting love..."?" in the background. ;-)