Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Monica

August 16.
My sister's birthday.
My only sister.
The best sister.
Happy Birthday Monica!

And on a completely different note...
if any of you have brothers who are completely single, college educated, go to church (and live in a church-ly way), working toward their life and career goals, like to travel, shop, and live life like it's golden, in shape, upper 20s to mid-30s, and have no ex/children/family/jail-or-prison drama surprises... I'm taking applications for future brothers-in-law.
just an ongoing joke we've got going...


Cherlyn Michaels said...

Awwwww! That's so sweet. Tell your sister Happy Birthday for me!

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Oh! And it's my Mom's birthday too!

Shelley Halima said...

Happy birthday to Monica! And Cherlyn - to your Mom as well. You've got a Leo for a mom too, huh? We have to talk sometime, LOL.

Fred, you've been tagged! Go to my blog for the questions.

SoftSpoken said...

Happy Birtyday to your sister. Very nice Blog. I will look around for sure.