Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Team Down For Whatever: Fred, Oskar, Daniel

Another photograph of Fred, Oskar, Daniel: Team Down For Whatever.

This one is from Frontiers Magazine at a Book Fair in L.A. in late July. Oskar will be going with me to Atlanta to help with my signings. Daniel... well, those of you in NYC already know Daniel. lol. But do you know his alter-ego, PublicistD?

The event was the first ever LGBT Book Fair at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. Fun day... sold lots of books with the help of James from Esowon Books.

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Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

Destiny's Child
You in the house?
Sure 'nuff
We'll break these people off Angel style

Child of Destinnnnyyyyyy
Independent beauty
Noone else can scare me
Charlie's Angellllllllllllllls