Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I've Been Tagged... Gimme Five.

I've been tagged. Thanks Shelley! Because I had not yet finished my writing blog entry for the day, lol. This is a great in-the-meantime post.

What were you doing 5yrs ago?
Being overweight.
Being negative about things out of my control, and things I could control but didn't take responsibility for.
Worrying about getting older.
Eating all the time.
Partying WAY too much.
(How sad is that? I disguised it so well back then.)

Prepped 30 press kits to mail.
Worked the day job.
Talked to Clay and Rashid and No4Real4Real about things we're working on.
Went to the gym.
Watched Bold and the Beautiful on TiVo (excellent episode... Bridget told her mom, Brooke, to go to h-e-double hockey sticks after catching her with her fiancee -- the 2nd fiancee/husband mom has stolen from her!)

5 snacks I enjoy?
Salt and vinegar chips.
Special K Vanilla Almond cereal.
Nutter Butter cookies.
Green grapes.
Blueberry Morning cereal.

5 songs I know all the words to?
"This Time I Know It's For Real" by Donna Summer
"I May Hate Myself In The Morning (But I'm Gonna Love You Tonight)" by Lee Ann Womack
"I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack
"Make It Happen" by Mariah Carey
"It's My Turn" by Diana Ross

5 things I'd do with a million dollars?
Send most to parents and sister
Small house purchase
Set up scholarship to send a kid like me or cousin to college

5 bad habits I have?
Thinking I'm not working hard enough
Wondering what people are thinking
Afternoon trips to campus bookstore for bad snacks (see favorite snacks above)
Not calling as much as I should
Internet surfing while at work (but always get my work done... still!)

5 favorite TV shows?
Young and the Restless
Bold and the Beautiful
Six Feet Under
Good Times
Soul Food

5 biggest joys of the moment?
Being a published author
Meeting cool peeps and readers while on book tour
Maintaining 35+ lb. weight loss that I started last summer
Having proud parents and family
Being alive -- haven't always made the wisest choices, but I'm wiser now!

5 favorite toys?
Cell -- especially text messaging
Books (do those count?)
TiVo (for tv shows I never get around to watching... so sad)
(I don't tend to have a lot of toys... muy expensive)

5 people tagged now:
Liza (Jane)

Now back to writing... Thanks Shelley, lol.


Joanne said...

Hey Fred! First time here, just wanted to say really quickly before I read on... my campus bookstore snack run is in the mornings, between 10-11 when I can't take the grumbling belly anymore! So, I feel you! :-D

I'll be catching up on your other posts.

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Glad to find your blog! I run around with a few homosexual men so I am definitely going to buy like 10 copies of your book for them! I find it so amazing what you are doing with your writing. We need more writers like you! You go boy! Hey I love Soul Food 2, and my laptop, cellie, and books. We have a few things in common! Look forward to reading your blog.

Joanne said...

Does that come with a neck roll and a finger snap Elsie? I would think that especially since you "run around with a few homosexual men" that you would know that your comment is slightly offensive and insulting. I plan on getting Fred's book, not just for my gay friends, but also because I'd like to read it. Sorry, Fred, but I was a little taken aback by her comment. Hope I didn't offend with mine.

Frederick Smith said...

Hey y'all. It's all love here and on this site :-)

No offense taken to any of the comments.

Now, if the "n" or "f" word had come up... that'd be a different story.

But it's nice to see some new readers and folks visiting. You have to meet the boys who visit too (some are linked on the left). Everyone's cool who visits here!

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Joanne: No girl, I didn't mean to be offensive. I am going to read his book. I love all kinds of literature. I should've put that in my comment. I meant that it was something I could relate to by having my "homosexual friends" and that I'd buy several copies. Sorry if I offended you.

Fred: Glad no offense was taken. You're a talented author. I was reading up on your site. I totallly support you!

demetrius said...

what's so bad about wondering what other people are thinking?