Sunday, August 28, 2005

More Names...

I gave someone the biggest laugh, though I wasn't intending to, by talking a little about my family. I started mentioning some of the names we call my aunts and uncles... nicknames, apparently given WAY back the day... Aunt Sugar, Uncle Punchy, Aunt Fatty, Cousin Donjo, etc... Not their real names, but nicknames... given for I don't know what reasons. Well, Donjo is real.

Anyway, we got into an interesting conversation about the nicknames we give in families. For whatever reason. These kinda names, if used in fiction, can be great character revealers.

Wondering what kinda interesting nicknames, or real names, exist in your worlds? Or your own? I'm still called Freddie, by the way, by my family. It's cool. I don't mind.


fratman1906 said...

Uncle Bubba just died last year. Uncle Cocky was my favorite uncle and died in '86. Now Aunt Candy was as sweet a person as you ever wanted to know. I was known as "Shane." See ya in ATL. Shem hotep!

Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

Sissy. Never Aunt Sister or Aunt Sissy.

Just Sissy.

I once called her Sissy Pissy when I was at that age when I made everything rhyme. I was promptly told to NEVER call her Sissy Pissy.

Then there was Uncle Wrapsy. That was his real name.

Uncle Lee. Real name ElderThomas Leondus.

I'll end it there....