Thursday, May 01, 2008

Scammers and Players

Sounds like it could be the title of one of Jackie Collins' fabulous novels. But it isn't.

Scammers and players are hitting up bookstores, pretending to be an author with an upcoming appearance at the bookstore... and pretending to be in a cash crunch. Stranded at airport, robbed on way to store, car broke down.

I was not a believer until I read the story in the L.A. Times, and realized someone has been hitting up SoCali bookstores. (Hoaxes Hit Bookstores, L.A. Times)

Such a shame, when people want something for nothing... when people want something for which they haven't worked. But in a bad economy, desperate people are willing to do anything.

Even worse to do it to writers and bookstores.

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