Friday, May 09, 2008

A Little Brush of Fame

So I had to do this reading last night at A Different Light in West Hollywood. It was for Lambda Literary Award nominated authors.

I'd gotten the itinerary a few weeks earlier, but didn't really pay attention to all the details. Just the time and place.

So I'm getting up to the panel and I recognize the actor who originally played Phillip Chancellor the III on Young and the Restless sitting on stage. His real name is Thom Bierdz. I'm saying to myself, "OMG, that's Phillip Chancellor who I used to crush on as a kid." But I play it cool. Ask to see his book. Then I go, "I remember you. I used to watch the show." And he smiled. We did small talk. I asked about his art now. Exchanged cards. All is cool.

Then I see these cameras roll in out of nowhere. And I'm like, "Books don't make Entertainment Tonight." Now, I knew someone named James St. James was on the panel, too, but I didn't put the number together that is was Party Monster James St. James. So then I got nervous. But then okay.

Every once in a while I meet public people or people who are (im)famous in some way. I get nervous. Often feel like I don't belong. But then I think... they're regular people too. So don't get nervous. And then I get over myself and them and "fame." I still get nervous around public people who are friends. Don't ask me why.

The reading went well. I made them laugh. I am happy the night was a success.

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