Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pumas At The Campsite

So a few weeks ago, I wrote about my friends' and my adventures in dating younger guys than us... Does That Make Me A Puma?

I got some fun responses on and off the blog. And personally, the adventures in dating younger guys continue. Real fun. Real energetic.

Um. But anyway, the other day I was reading Tayari Jones' blog, and she referenced an awesome sex educator/advice columnist, Dan Savage, and a column he wrote on adventures in dating younger than you... The Campsite Rule.

Among some of the rules are: leave the younger in better shape than before you met them; no diseases; no unwanted babies; you're shaping/creating the bar for their dating experiences.

Fun topic. And with Long Beach Pride coming up this weekend in SoCali, I'm sure we'll all have adventures to share about Pumas at the Campsite. And for the record, when we're talking younger, we're talking early 20s... definitely nothing younger than that.

By the way, Tayari Jones also referenced my drink recipe/story on Dirty Water cocktails.

Your adventures dating significantly younger or older people than yourself?

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