Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Last Weekend Mystery

Um, so why was I rocking Mary Jane Girls' CandyMan at the gym tonight? But that's not what this blog is about... though I've got a thing for candy lately...

So you've met someone, but you don't remember meeting them (or giving them your number. Is there a tactful, tasteful, yet direct way to get the clues you need to remember?

I mean, I tried the whole "Do you keep a blog? A MySpace? Have a web presence?" line of questions, just to try and get ahold of some images to trigger my memory. He doesn't have any of that. I tried the whole, "Had you seen me before?" line of questions. He hadn't.

How do you piece the mystery together from the previous weekend's fun and festivities? Or is it just a big hot messy shame not to remember meeting and giving your number to someone?

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Anonymous said...

alrighty, you can officially fall on the sword now Fred. lucky you with all the admires-the pickens are slim back in Detroit. next time do like KK and tell him to text you.