Saturday, May 17, 2008

Donna Summer. Crayons.

Kick off your Pride Season with the colors of the rainbow... and Crayons!

Favorite diva o'the days Donna Summer is back with a new CD, Crayons, scheduled for a May 20, 2008 release. Our friend Clay Cane will be interviewing her, and invites you to submit interview questions.

Remix of a leaked single, I'm A Fire, from one of her YouTube fans. And the first single, Stamp Your Feet from another YouTube fan.

Love me some Donna Summer. I always think of childhood summers, ice cream trucks, backyard barbeques, and all the songs that made her hot in the 70s and 80s...

But my ultimate favorite of hers is from the 1990s. This Time I Know It's For Real. That song was my "secret crush" song on someone I dug back in the day, lol. It's sooooooo "please notice me and my love for you".

Ha... I cringe at that crush now. I've heard he's no longer the popular hottie he used to be, lol.


Don said...

Donna Summer was underrated.

This post makes me think about how I once had a crush on a female that used to sing Anita Baker songs @ our high school talent shows.

I too cringe @ that particular crush. lol.

Tayari Jones said...

Is it just me, but does that album cover look like a photoshop disaster.

I love "On The Radio", myself.

BrandonG said...

Judging from the photoshoot video on her Myspace page, Donna's still smoking! What photos aren't touched up nowadays?

I can't wait to open my box of Crayons on Tuesday!