Friday, May 16, 2008

Marriage Moments

So California's Supreme Court gave the OK for gay marriage. Muy cool.

Will see how this plays out politically in the fall. One way it won't play out... it won't open the door to marriage with kids or animals, as some "thoughtful" conservatives often argue. That's just plain silly.

I know many LGBT groups will be celebrating this, as this was/is their major social justice issue... marriage. I got/get the emails daily about "now we can marry."

Now, I hope they will be just as concerned with racism/sexism within LGBT community, unequal access to health care and poverty in LGBT communities of color, faithfulness in the LGBT community so that the marriages will last, LGBT school drop out rates, etc...

Oh, I'm a cynic sometimes. lol. But always in a positive and constructive way.

To everyone who wants to marry, or for whom at least this one right was the end all be all, I share with you Miss Vesta's Congratulations. My buddy Clay just wrote about Vesta a few days ago.

Vesta, by the way, will be performing live next week at Ivan Daniels Club Metro in West Hollywood. If you wanna hear Congratulations live, go to the show. I often joke that the only time I want to hear from my exes is when they're singing Congratulations to me. But I'm friends with many of them, so no hard feelings or jealousies.

I'm a cynic. So cynically fun that sometimes my friends and I play the Elizabeth Taylor/Erica Kane "Marriage Game" with our names. Example... if I counted all the ones who counted (at least to me, lol), I'd be Fred Smith-Brock-Crafton-Claiborne-Sapp-Salinas-Waters-Torrez-Ingram, and that was as of a couple years ago. Not bad for early 30's, no?

By the way, Elizabeth Taylor's full married name is (and I learned this from a play I saw a few years ago) Elizabeth Taylor-Hilton-Wilding-Todd-Fisher-Burton-Burton-Warner-Fortensky.

Erica Kane's, in case you just HAD to know, is Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery.

But everyone loves a good wedding and a successful marriage story-- and adding to your last name is just the tip of the iceberg!


KB said...

This post needs to appear in a lot of other blogs today. Great humor of course, but the issues of racism in our community and being protected on your job also needs a spot light! Hell, marriage is somewhere on my to-do-list but a decent date will do for now!

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