Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prepping For The Lammies

This weekend in L.A. will be a big one for the publishing industry and book lovers, as Book Expo America comes to town.

There will be plenty of parties, good panels, free books, and networking ops. Lucky me, my publishers sprung for me to have a pass to the conference. Most definitely will be there.

But before all that starts, the Lambda Literary Awards take place on Thursday evening. They're more commonly known as the Lammies.

My second novel, Right Side of the Wrong Bed, is nominated in the Male Romance category... and since I live in L.A., I can't NOT go. I'll be there.

Today, my friend Fiona Zedde, who's also nominated and attending the awards show, forwarded me the "producers notes" on what's expected of us during the awards show, which, by the way is being filmed for later viewing. I imagine one of the LGBT-focused cable networks?

But the producers notes... assigned aisle seats, no getting up or leaving during recording, red-yellow-green lights on podium if selected as a winner (so acceptance speech doesn't go long). But the FUN part... during our particular categories, all nominees will have a camera on them, so that your immediate reaction to a win or loss is recorded forever.

Needless to say, I've been practicing my "winner" and "loser" face all day. Been to the gym everyday this week. Googled all the nominees in my category, so I'm familiar with their work. Got my clothes (and labels) memorized. lol.

As for an acceptance speech... we're asked to prep something just in case... but I'm going to wing it if by chance I'm selected.

I'll post you all after the awards... or on Friday morning!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hope you win a Lammie.