Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Night Alone... But Not Really

So... that darn 21-year-old I told you about. He text(ed) me this afternoon to inform me that he has a new boyfriend... who's not me. lol. Now, little does he know that I TMZ'd him, and saw him this past weekend at Long Beach Pride... with a new man. Many of you warned me... I'm kinda laughing. a little.

The hot young janitor I told you about. Showed up at the office today. Lip bit all up to heck, and a nice little mark on the neck. Joked, said he'd tell me all about it. As if... I'm over him, but kinda not... ya know?

Now... if I was a depressive/desperate kinda person, it would be, as my friend Clay Cane likes to joke, "a night of straight vodka and Nina Simone."

But I'm not a depressive type. I just like depressive type songs while I get ready to move on to new territory... like writing... new boys... getting ready for summer break from the day job.

Some Friday night alone videos (but you know you're never REALLY alone, not if you believe in something/someone bigger than you!)

Alone by Heart (an all time favorite)

Living All Alone by Phyllis Hyman (great voice, great diva... and those shoulder pads)

All By Myself by Celine Dion. (awesome lyrics, especially when you get older than 25 and you realize how much time you let slip by in the name of... fun!)

And how about some Nina Simone to round out Friday night videos. A clip of her "I Put A Spell On You." Because you're mine!

Happy Friday!


KB said...

Well young bruh it must be something in the air cause i had to cut my youngin loose. too many issues-i was on the wrong side man. enjoy your holiday. and can't get enough of Phyllis either-love it when Darnell(Diva) does that performance.

Anonymous said...

To be or not to be... NOT!

Those young ones will get you everytime! You have to watch 'em because baby milk still sits on the breath. If thats the case, know that you'll have to do a little work. But hey, don't do too much if the little tike is not trying to be part of it. LA, well, you know, it is "what it is". Hell, if Mariah snatched up Nic Cannon, you can snatch up Chris Brown! Dust ya shoulders off.

Spring is the "break up season" as Vivica said in "Two Can Play That Game". "Cause when he acts up, that's when you put it on. Get him uptight, this is your song. Hold out your back, time to impress. PULL OUT YA' FREAKUM DRESS!"

Everybody has one ;-)