Monday, May 26, 2008

The Body Perfect... Well

Superficial, yeah, but whatever.

I have a friend whose body could resemble that of the either guy on either book you see here. I'm happily jealous that he's got it going on like that, but that's cool. We all have talents. His is working out.

In fact, a bunch of us were out on the town and having a few drinks and dances at The Big Top, also known as Club Circus (which, by the way is NOT closing down as rumored last winter... in fact, HUGE 4th of July party planned!). It was very crowded, and yeah, a little hot.

So my friend starts to "complain" that it was hot on the dance floor, so he takes off his t-shirt to reveal a cute wife-beater type shirt. Got the tris and bis going on, so it's nice. After about five minutes, he was still hot he said. But he pulled me aside... asked if I thought he had a good enough body to take his shirt off completely, and if he should.

I'm always like, "We're not white, we're not a circuit party, but your body can pull it off." Because he can... and generally, black guys (I know) don't walk around shirtless (and sweaty) in clubs unless they're a paid dancer or at a circuit party setting, and neither applied.

So he's like, "But I feel so fat... I didn't work out today. Are you sure?" In that moaning, whiny kinda way.

I'm like, "You see guys running around shirtless with 36D's... you can go shirtless."

Yeah, I told you superficial, but whatever. The insecurity thing among gay guys is really tricky. You're cute, but think you're not. You're fit, but think you're fat. You turn 30, and you're told life is over.

Women get it worse in society... to put it all in perspective.

Anyway, I'm off to the gym. I'm feeling real fatty-pancakes after a weekend of lots of dining out, a few high-caloric drinks, and very little cardio (unless dancing counts?) Hope you had a nice weekend.

Oh, and if you wanna know about LL's and Mario's fitness tips, check out their books: LL Cool J's Platinum Workout or Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness. Notice, they both share the same co-author, Jeff O'Connell.

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GAYsha Boy said...

hahaha FAT Fred! LOL j/k j/k. For what it's worth, I've always thought you had a nice body =).