Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some More Linking Around

Ate sushi last night. Crave. In Dearborn. I'm a happy camper. Saw one of Detroit TVs favorites, Rhonda Walker, there in between newscasts. I guess it's a cool spot.

Found some cool new sites I'm going to have to link to eventually. But check them out now and see if they're keepers for you:

Black Woman Writing (inspiration and contest for writers)
The Excitable Bore (fun observations on life)
The Urban Muse (writing inspiration)
Soul of a Man(ok, I've known about this one for a while, but I just love catching up on the funness of The Blacks)
Loving the Liberry (from a librarian... all the crazy things that happen in a library)

And just a couple more faves: Chudney Ross and Post a Secret.

Can't believe vacation is almost over and I'll be back in L.A on Friday night. Got some book stuff on Saturday/Sunday in San Diego. Got some plans for New Year's Eve in L.A.

2008 is next week! Crazy!

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