Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And I Believe You Will Do So

This Year You Write Your Novel is a part how-to, part motivational book by Walter Mosley.

And at around 100 pages, it's short enough to get you some information you need and won't distract you from the time needed for that novel or story within.

A couple other resources I just picked up today... because I'm always picking up resources: the February 2008 issue of Writer's Digest with a great series of stories on writing novels; The Writer Magazine, called The Writer's Guide to Fiction.

So are you starting now? Or waiting until New Year's resolution season in January?

Good luck!

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my name is... said...

wow man...
i was on the net blogging and sending queries and just happened to hit your page.

now i'm even more inspired. guess i'll send about a million more queries before hitting the sack.