Monday, December 17, 2007

D.C. Diaries

Dear Diary,
Why do I always meet the coolest guys when I'm out of town. The kind that make me wish I lived HERE instead of THERE? Mmmmph. All I gotta say is 'Trell and I melt.

But all kidding aside, the guys over at Brave Soul Collective have a very good discussion group going. Monte and company are doing their thing. Enjoyed meeting all the guys and participating in their monthly discussion. Met a cool guy, Emeka, another L.A. boy and we connected. David, Sean, Reggie (my most faithful reader/fan) all came out.

But the after-set, over at The RnR Bar, sealed the night. Now I know why they call D.C. Chocolate City, and I was in a candy coma. And not to mention that I'm LOVING Janet's new single, Feedback. That's hot. And 'Trell, wherever you left to go work hard for the money... (Let me do my soap opera eye mist/cry and stare out the window). Yum.

Tonight, heading over to Damien Ministries at 7 pm. Doing a book reading, signing, etc... there. Thanks Rashid for the invite and the fabulous lunch on Sunday. Love talking shop with him. You should buy his books.

All the best,

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