Thursday, December 06, 2007

Picture Me Rollin'

Another novel that may have slipped by you... but would make a great holiday present.

Picture Me Rollin by Black Artemis follows a female ex-con, influenced by the music and life of Tupac Shakur, who's trying to stay clean on the outside, while her ex-boyfriend for whom she took the rap tries to suck her back in to the life she wants to leave behind.

I'm sure some of us know or mentor someone going through this situation. So this is definitely a book that can both entertain and build understanding.

Black Artemis is a hip-hop activist, writer, and speaker in New York City. She holds a master's degree from Columbia University and has worked with many social justice organizations throughout the country. Artemis is also a screenwriter who has won recognition for her work. She lives in the Bronx, where she was born and raised, and enjoys working with youths to find their voice through art and politics.

For the next few days, Black Artemis a.k.a. Sofia Quintero, and some of her Chica Lit colleagues are doing a special series of articles called 12 Days of Chica Lit, highlighting some of the best of the Chica Lit genre. Should be very fun!

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